Tourist Attractions

Truce Sound Lookout – 1 km from Trans Canada Highway

Sunnyside is proud of its early history and has created Truce Sound Lookout with seating and a view for visitors to enjoy. There are also some story boards that tell a little about the important and interesting events that have happened in our harbour. To understand why so many things have happened here, you need to be aware of our location. We are right at the bottom (the far end) of Trinity Bay; our sheltered harbours and food supply have attracted people to the area for thousands of years.  We are also on the Isthmus of Avalon, a 4.5 km land bridge that takes you across to Placentia Bay on the south side of the island. People have used that land bridge for thousands of years to gain access to caribou herds and a different bay.

Here are a few of the things that have happened in our harbour:

  • People have lived in the area for more than 5,000 years; this includes all groups that have inhabited the island with the exception of the Norse
  • Governor John Guy of Cupids had a friendly meeting here with a group of Beothuk
  • An early winter house was built near Frenchmen's Island around 1670
  • French troops and English prisoners occupied the area around Frenchmen's Island for two months in 1697
  • The first transatlantic cable was landed here in 1858 and the first messages between continents went through here
  • Eight American soldiers were deployed here around the clock during the second world war to watch for enemy submarines
  • The Hibernia oil platform was built 3 km from here and made modern history because it was the first gravity-based structure used in the offshore oil industry


Truce Sound Coastal Trail – 1.5 km moderate trail to Frenchmen's Island

It’s an easy 1.5 km each way to Frenchman’s Island with just one hill to climb. The Island is attached to the shore by a sandspit that occasionally disappears at high tide. The trail to the island cuts through woodland and then follows the coast. There are two streams to cross and several wet areas. The trail is currently under construction. Bridges and boardwalks are being built but it would be wise to wear rubber boots.


Peace Garden Memorial – Frenchmen's Island at the end of the Truce Sound Hiking Trail

The Truce Sound Coastal Trail leads to the Peace Garden & Memorial site on Frenchmen’s Island. This site is currently under construction and will be unveiled on August 7, 2012. It is being created by the community of Sunnyside to commemorate the 400th anniversary of a meeting that took place in our harbour on November 6, 1612. On that day, Governor John Guy of Cupids and 18 colonists met with a group of Beothuk in our harbour. They danced, shared a meal and exchanged gifts. In honour of that joyful meeting, Governor Guy named the harbour Truce Sound.

The community of Sunnyside would like to thank Wanuskewin Heritage Park in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, for allowing us to use their concept for our Peace Garden Memorial.

The Peace Garden Memorial is under construction and will be unveiled on August 7, 2012.


Centre Hill Wilderness Trail - 5 km trail to the top of Centre Hill

Centre Hill is the highest point of land in eastern Newfoundland—elevation 384 metres (1,150 feet). Part of an old mountain range, the Hill itself was likely a volcano. The trail takes you to right to the top, where you can enjoy a spectacular view of Trinity Bay, Placentia Bay, and part of the  Burin Peninsula. The hike takes about two hours each way and is mostly moderate, with a strenuous climb for the last 400 metres.




Centre Hill Wilderness Trail
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